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What My Customers Say

"I was going to take a picture of your WONDERFUL bird feeder at our house in NC. It is THE BEST!! The sun shines right through it in the evening before sunset, and it is gorgeous!

We truly love it! So do the birds!"

L.H. in Sapphire, NC

Cornucopia Quad bird feeder shown in 'Gold, Moss & Mauve' colors

Cornucopia Quad
shown in
"Gold, Moss & Mauve" colors

Cornucopia Quad

Thick copper sides surround stained and textured glass to create a stunning bird feeder. Two perches on the front and back allow four birds to dine together which is great for yards that attract all the birds in neighborhood. 13 in. high x 7 in. wide x 3-1/2 in. deep.

Birds: Depending upon your location, birds you'll see at this feeder are the chickadee, goldfinch, nuthatch, purple finch, downy woodpecker, and other small, seed-eating birds.

Added Features: This feeder has a large seed capacity which means less frequent filling. -- Great for northern winters when three feet of snow is on the ground! Also grackles, crows and other large nuisance birds cannot use this bird feeder.

Colors Available:

"Bright": Blues, greens and purple make this feeder pop with color. These bright colors make this stained glass and copper bird feeder look especially wonderful on a snowy day. See this color combination on the right side of the Celebrity page.

Gold, Moss & Mauve: Reminiscent of the Frank Lloyd Wright era of rich golds, soothing moss and wonderful, browny mauve.

Blue/Aqua: The soft aqua and cool blue colors in this bird feeder are reminiscent of peaceful ocean views. These will sparkle and look great in any yard. See this color combination in the feeder on the right side of the Northern Light page.

I'm sorry, but I'm temporarily sold out of my Cornucopia Quad Bird Feeders.

Cornucopia Quad

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