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A Garden Idea!

The Tipped Prairie Bird Feeder with Two Ala Carte Feeders

All of the Ala Carte and the Tipped Prairie bird feeders have a small hook in the beading at the bottom of each, so two or three of these feeders can hang in tandem. Shown are two blue/aqua Ala Carte feeders handing from a blue/aqua Tipped Prairie feeder.

Ala Carte bird feeder shown in Purple

Ala Carte
(Sorry. Purple color
not available)

Ala Carte Alfresco

("Outdoor dining your way")

This bird feeder combines a modern design with the traditional beauty of stained glass. Textured and patterned stained glass combined with coordinating beading, make each Ala Carte bird feeder a unique and special work of art. 9-1/2 in. high x 8-1/2 in. wide x 2-1/2 deep.

Birds: Depending upon your location, birds you'll see at this feeder are the chickadee, goldfinch, nuthatch, purple finch, downy woodpecker, and other small, seed-eating birds.

Added Features: Grackles, crows and other large nuisance birds cannot use this bird feeder. A small snap hook in the beading on the bottom enables you to hang two of these bird feeders together if you wish ("ala carte") so four birds can dine at once. Or the Ala Carte looks good hanging from a Tipped Prairie feeder. See picture at right.

Colors Available:

Gold, Moss & Peach: One of my newest color combinations with rich golds, soothing moss and soft peach ... reminiscent of the Frank Lloyd Wright era of wonderful colors. This feeder looks great with the Tipped Prairie in Gold, Moss and Mauve. (Colors are similar to the Celebrity featured on the Celebrity page.)

I'm sorry, but I'm out of stock of the Ala Carte Alfresco bird feeder.

Ala Carte Alfresco

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